On the one hand, SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES DE FORMACIÓN Y GESTIÓN STRUCTURALIA, SA, with Tax Identification Number A-82914417, and business address at Avda. de la Industria, 4 Building 0 2nd floor 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid. Business Registration Number, Chapter 16271, file 72, section 8.ª, page M-276209, and henceforth STRUCTURALIA.

On the other hand, (the user / client along with all the information requested in the registration form), henceforth the USER, will be responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided hereby. Likewise, it is an imperative requirement to be at least 18 years of age or above, thus it is prohibited to enter and use data on a minor.

Object of the contract

The object of the present contract is to regulate the commercial relationship (buyer-seller) between STRUCTURALIA and the USER at the time all the application requirements in the application forms have been met, and when the first payment for the agreed services has been made accordingly, thus formalizing the agreement between the two parties.

This contractual relationship implies the delivery of services, in exchange for a given fee that is known to the USER, which binds him/her to fulfill the financial obligations incurred into by the USER as per this agreement.

Contracting procedure

The USER will receive, free of charge, the information regarding the requested goods and services in a truthful, understandable, and clear manner, and adapted to the circumstances of the USER, as well as his/her current economic conditions.

Once the service purchase has been formalized, the USER will access the contracted services from STRUCTURALIA at the agreed starting date for the subject course, as long as the entirety of the fees related to said course has been fully paid to STRUCTURALIA, or, in the case of a previous agreement for deferred payment, when all the necessary information to meet such payment obligations has been provided to STRUCTURALIA voluntarily by the USER.

The USER will be provided with a username and a password and commits to use them diligently for the agreed purposes, not to share them with third parties, and to inform STRUCTURALIA in case said username and password are lost or stolen, or there has been an unauthorized access to the data by an unknown third party. In this case, the access will be blocked immediately for security reasons, and the USER will be provided with a new username and password.

Once the account is created, and in accordance with art. 27 of the 34/2002 Law on E-Commerce and Information Society Services (ECISSA), STRUCTURALIA will inform the USER Immediately, by means of e-mail, about all the characteristics of the contracted services, and will attach the course file with more detailed information regarding the training plan.

Likewise, the USER commits to submit all relevant information before the course’s starting date, or during the training period to STRUCTURALIA for the corresponding Diploma to be issued. In case of a breach of this obligation, the USER will lose the right to obtain said document.

Service characteristics

Before the USER proceeds to carry out an on-line purchase, the following information will be provided:

  • The access to the course is through the username and the password, which will be provided via e-mail once the registration is complete, so the USER may access the campus on the starting date.
  • The payment channels are Stripe, PayPal, bank transfer or banking card.
  • As a final requirement for the completion of this master’s degree, the student must obtain passing grades for all the subjects, as well as the final project which can be submitted a maximum of two times.  Should the student fail to meet the criteria above, he/she will be required to register for the entirety of the program all over again.
  • Once the course has been concluded, the USER will be granted a diploma within a period between 2 to 3 months, except in the cases where the diploma must be issued by a University, whose issuing period may be between 12 to 18 months. The diploma will be sent via postal mail with receipt confirmation to ensure its proper delivery.

STRUCTURALIA will provide the USER the requested and formalized online training based on the utilization of Information and Communication Technologies for the learning process through internet. Said online training will provide the USER with training material, online campus access, e-mail tutoring, forums, etc. along with videoconferences and master classes.

The USER will complete the study program within the set time and format, and follow the instructions by the Programs Coordinator, and the requirements set by STRUCTURALIAS and the University, as the case may be.

Should there be FORCE MAJEURE reasons that prevent the USER from continuing the training activity once it has started, STRUCTURALIA reserves the right to cease said activity based on the assessment of the situations leading to such suspension. The restart of the training program in later editions will require an additional payment. Likewise, and under no circumstances, shall there be a reimbursement of previously made payments.

Fees and taxes

The fees for the services posted on the website will include the corresponding Value Added Tax (VAT). The sales carried out outside of the European Union, and in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are excepted from said tax.

The information on the fees applicable to each service will be available on the website and will be applied automatically by the contracting process. The offers will be clearly identified and described, with reference to the previous, and then, to the final fees at the end of the sale.

All payments will include an invoice to the name of the registered USER and will be delivered via e-mail to the account previously provided by the USER.

For any information regarding the service, the USER may contact STRUCTURALIA via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and add the name of the specific course on the SUBJECT section.

Additionally, the student will have the option of:

  • Acquiring an officially recognized and legalized diploma with the Apostille issued by the Hague Convention for an additional fee of 200 €.
  • Having his/her diploma delivered upon the payment of a 75 € fee; however, should the document be lost or misplaced by the responsible post services, Structuralia shall not be held accountable for neither the expenses associated with the issuing of a duplicate, nor for those of its delivery to the student.  

Service delivery – Access to contracted service

STRUCTURALIA will inform the USER about the due process to have access to the contracted service, upon which the service is considered to be delivered. Likewise, STRUCTURALIA assumes no responsibility in the case of delivery failures caused by the falsehood of the information provided by the USER, or the failure to provide the required exact and complete information, or due to causes beyond the provider’s will or control.

Likewise, STRUCTURALIA will take the necessary measures to ensure the delivery is completed in a diligent manner.

Deferred payments

The USER acknowledges the debt assumed with STRUCTURALIA for the total cost of the service and commits to satisfy all the deferred payments in accordance with the DEFERRED PAYMENT option. Should the USER fail to satisfy the required payments for reasons non attributable to STRUCTURALIA after the training activity has already started, or the payments are made in an irregular manner, the student will continue to be obliged to satisfy the pending payments by the date of the renouncement.

In the case of delayed deferred payments, STRUCTURALIA reserves the right to apply a delay interest fee of 3,75%, as well as any other costs that such delays may have caused (e.g. legal fees).

The failure to satisfy a deferred payment grants the right to STRUCTURALIA to demand the payment of the entirety of the debt, and in that case, to restrict the access to the contracted service.

Right of withdrawal

The user may have a period of 14 working days from the date of delivery of the contracted services to withdraw, in which case, the entirety of the payment for the contracted services and/or products shall be reimbursed in a maximum period of 14 natural days via the same channels the payments were made by the USER, unless there is another method.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to complete the following form.


All the services offered on the website are completely original, unless otherwise indicated in their description.

In the case of complaints, the USER may contact the Customer Service Department via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within a period of 14 natural days from the date of delivery. The failure to meet these conditions gives the USER the right to cancel the services.

Data processing

All data included in this contract is under the protection of the European Parliament Regulation of April 27th, 2016, and the Council related to the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing and free circulation of personal data and will be mechanized so they may be included in STRUCTURALIA’s student records.

The data will be used according to the terms and regulations stated in the contract in legitimate interest according to art. 6.1 by General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

According to article 6.1. the USER gives his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data for one or several specific purposes, and is given the right to object, to be informed, to have access, to rectify, or cancel said purposes, which will become effective immediately and free of charge, after a previous written request. These rights may be exercised in accordance with the applicable regulation by contacting STRUCTURALIA (Data Protection Law / LOPD): Avenida de la Industria 4, Building 0, 2nd floor, 28108, Alcobendas, Madrid or via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For further information, follow this link

Delimitation of responsibilities

STRUCTURALIA assumes no responsibility for any technical issues caused by fortuitous events that may hamper the normal provision of the service via internet, nor for the potential limitations to site access due to maintenance, or other reasons that may limit the access to the service.

STRUCTURALIA assumes no responsibility for the recognition (or no recognition) of the diplomas issued by the educational institution in the USER’s country of origin.

Rights reserved

STRUCTURALIA reserves the rights to:

  • Neither accept nor provide the users with false, inaccurate, or incomplete data.
  • Cancel or reject any requests from a client with whom there may be a conflict related to the payment for a previous request, or that may represent a risk of any kind.
  • Modify the price for offered products, which will be the current one at the time of closing the operation and that will be formalized through a budget. The reference currency will be euros, independently from the currency the user may choose at the time of the payment.
  • Verify the personal information provided by the user and adopt whatever measures it may deem necessary to confirm whether the registered person is the legitimate holder of the submitted documents or cards used for payments. This verification may take place in the form of an identity, banking, or address information check request. Should the client fail to reply in a period of two days, the order will be automatically cancelled, with no possibility to assume a later responsibility.
  • Deregister those users that may be misusing or abusing the system to commit fraudulent acts, or with negative impact on other users. So will also be the case for those who may be suspected of tampering with system operations by illegally altering any computer or technical procedures, or by committing any fraudulent acts that may hinder the system’s transparency.
  • Modify the teaching body and/or part of the program should it be necessary for the proper development of the program.
  • Modify the current General Conditions at any moment and notify the users accordingly. The Terms and Conditions applicable to transactions will be the ones effective at the time of formalizing the order.
  • Use, without prejudice to the applicable right of intellectual property, and with previous notice to the student, the submitted master’s final projects for no lucrative, but for educational and research purposes; as well as the loan of such documents to university institutions as long as there is an agreement with them. Therefore, with the acceptance of these conditions, the points above are expressly authorized.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions will abide by and be interpreted in accordance with Spanish Law. STRUCTURALIA and the USER agree to submit any dispute that may arise regarding the provision of services described in these Conditions, to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in the USER’s place of residence /domicile.

In the case the USER’s residence/domicile is outside of Spain, STRUCTURALIA and the USER will subject to the territorial entity as established by the Law.

Likewise, our organization is a member of Confianza (Trust) Online (Non-profit organization), which is registered in the National Association Register (Registro Nacional de Asociaciones) Group 1, Section 1, national number 594400, Tax Identification Number (CIF) G85804011, Calle la Palma 59, Bajo A., 28015 Madrid (Spain), phone number (+34) 91 309 13 47 and fax (+34) 91 402 83 39 ( These General Conditions abide by the Spanish Law. Likewise, and in compliance with the Litigation Alternative Resolution Law, we inform the consumers that, as an organization that adheres to the Code of Ethics found in (, the users may contact Confianza Online for an alternative resolution to eventual disputes ( If the case is related to electronic devices with the consumers, or to data protection issues, these complaints will be addressed by the Confianza Online Mediation Committee as an accredited entity for the alternative resolution of disputes related to good consumption. If the complaints are related to digital advertising, or to data protection, they will sometimes be resolved by the AUTOCONTROL Advertising Jury.

In addition, we remind you to enter the EU litigation resolution platform by following this link:”.


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