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Why Pursue a MBA for Engineering and Construction Companies & Project Management?

This master’s degree is focused on how business and project management are applied to both the engineering and construction sectors, and their intrinsic managerial characteristics. 

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Language: English




  • Unit 1: Scope and contract management 
  • Unit 2: Negotiation and cost control 
  • Unit 3: Cost estimation and planning
  •  Unit 4: Risk management 



  • Unit 1. Financial projections and project finance
  • Unit 2. Project finance
  • Unit 3. International projects
  • Unit 4. Service projects



  • Unit 1. Introduction to innovation
  • Unit 2. Innovative strategizing
  • Unit 3. Innovative product and service design tools
  • Unit 4. Arrival at the innovation market



  • Unit 1: CSR as a new form of business management
  • Unit 2: Stakeholders and CSR dimensions– Part 1 
  • Unit 3: CSR dimensions – Part 2
  • Unit 4: Communication management tools 



  • Unit 1. Agile framework
  • Unit 2. Agile planning
  • Unit 3. Agile iterations
  • Unit 4. Agile management style and focus scaling




  • Unit 1. Introduction to digital marketing and the world of ecommerce

  • Unit 2. Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

  • Unit 3. Advanced digital marketing


    Unit 4. Web analytics tools


  • Unit 1.- Public-private partnership (PPP) contracts: concepts, benefits and limitations
  • Unit 2.- ramework for the application of public-private partnership contracts
  • Unit 3: Assessment of public-private partnership projects
  • Unit 4.- Management of the public-private partnership contract



  • Unit 1. Leadership
  • Unit 2. Work teams
  • Unit 3. Team management and techniques
  • Unit 4. Communication

MODULE X Master's Final Project (MFP)


The program is subject to possible content updates and upgrades


DIRECTOR: CARLOS MARTÍNEZ GARCÍA-LOYGORRI: Civil engineer (roads, canals, and ports) by the Polytechnic University of Madrid; MBA by IESE Business School; Master’s degree in infrastructures and public service management; Martinez Garcia-Loygorri has ample experience in business and people management and specializes in investment analysis and implementation; business management and structured financing; project and corporate finances; investment management above 350 M€, and in structured debt above 420 M€. Carlos is also an experienced concessions and Structure financing director in the infrastructure, public services, and renewable energy sectors. 


Yolanda García Rubio: Industrial and mechanical engineer by the University of Oviedo; AACE International - Certified Estimating Professional (CEP); Industrial Organization School (EOI) – Business and Industrial and Technological management. President of the Spanish Contract Management Association (AEGescon). Contracts Estimates Manager, Tecnicas Reunidas (United techniques), Madrid, Spain (at present); 20 years of experience in engineering, Contract Management and Estimations in the Oil & Gas, Energy and Pharmaceutical sectors.   


Jorge Serrano Paradinas: Civil engineer (roads, canals, and ports) by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Serrano has worked in different companies in the construction sector such as Aldesa, Corviam and Arthur Andersen, and audited the main firms in the construction sector.


César Bartolomé: Civil engineer (roads, canals, and ports) by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and MSc in Structural Engineering by Heriot-Watt university of Edinburgh. Bartolomé is currently in charge of business and innovation development at IECA.  


Sonia Gómez Borges: Business management degree (UAM); Master’s degree in Marketing (ESIC); Master’s degree in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy (EAE). CSR expert (UNED). Marketing and Communication professional with more than 18 years of experience from the private (industry and renewable energies) and tertiary sectors (NGO and foundations). Sonia currently works as a CSR, Communication and Marketing project consultant; She is also a partner manager at the firm Huella Responsible (Responsible footprint), specialized in business CSR services, environment, and quality.  


Miguel Ángel Vera Mellado: Computer Science engineer, ACP, PMP, MBA and ITIL expert and specialized in project management. Vera Mellado has 10 years of experience in capacity building in companies such as Ibertech TIC Services, Desfufor or ADR Formación; He is responsible for the coordination of this master’s degree.  


Layla Scheli: Information Systems Engineer and with a bachelor’s degree in Educational Technology at the National Technological University of Argentina. She holds a master’s degree in Big Data and BI from the European Business School of Barcelona, ​​where she obtained the Cum Laude award for Academic Excellence. At the same time, Layla holds the International Certification in Big Data from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in addition to obtaining the Postgraduate Specialization in Information Technology and Systems Management by the Liberty Foundation (Fundación Libertad) in Argentina. Layla Scheli is also a professor of data-related subjects at the Inter-American Open University, and mentors Data Science courses in the City of Buenos Aires (BA Emprende Initiative), and at renowned Academic Centers (CoderHouse, Acámica, among others). She also has several international certifications by CertiProf - USA such as DevOps Essentials Professional Certificate (DEPC) and Big Data Professional Certificate (BDPC). Finally, she has a diploma in Azure Fundamentals from the ConoSur.Tech Common Unit and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Data Exploitation and Knowledge Management from the Austral University.


Alejandra Medina Mateos: Sandra Medina is an Agronomist by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM); Psychologist by the Distance Education University (UNED) and; Coach by the HUNE institute. Sandra holds a master's degree in children and adolescent expert by the Official School of Psychology (COP), a master's degree in Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs by TK and; a Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP). She is also a Yoga Teacher by the EIY and Expert in Vipassana meditation by FPVE. Sandra started her professional career as an engineer in the main technology multinationals in the world: Accenture, CAP Gemini / Ernst & Young and Vodafone, in the area of ​​Information Systems Technology. For 15 years, she worked and trained in the fields of project management and training to support different businesses, such as banking, department stores, transportation and telephony. Subsequently, she founded Vital Desarrollo Humano, a project for the promotion of well-being, health and performance through coaching. She also collaborated with Madrid’s Provincial Government (CAM) in the area of Psychological Disability at the CADP Reina Sofía. She currently works as an expert psychologist in relationship breakdowns and toxic relationships, combining it with treatment for children, adolescents, and adults at BrainChild-In. She also collaborates with Clave DH in the field of Business Coaching and training at the UAM. 


Julio Alvarez Cerberó: graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1976, where he would later obtain a PhD in Health Psychology. Since that date, he has continued his professional career in various fields of psychology and consulting: postgraduate trainer, university professor, senior official in Madrid Provincial Government, and consultant for some of the major enterprises in Spain, such as Repsol, Dragados, OHL, Bombardier, Placo, AENA, Carrefour, etc. Julio is also a lecturer and collaborator in various free-form training programs for managers at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Between 1995 and 2016, he worked at CLAVE DESARROLLO HUMANO, a consulting firm of which he is a founding partner and where he held the position of General Director, being responsible for the areas of business development and business planning. From 2008 to 2012, Julio was in charge of the expansion of CLAVE in Latin America and Europe by founding the company EnClave Personal Consulting in Chile, which specializes in exporting human talent and developing different projects in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Germany. Finally, Julio has been a professor of Structuralia since 2005.  

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