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Master's degree in Quality, Environment, and Safety in Construction settings

Universidad Isabel I Master´s Degree

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Starting on 2022-11-22
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Why Pursue a Master's degree in Quality, Environment, and Safety in Construction settings?

Quality, environment, safety and health are basic business management elements that ensure all regulatory and contract requirements are met adequately. They are also essential efficiency, client satisfaction and loyalty tools.

This Master’s degree is designed to provide an ample view of all these concepts and a deep understanding of their application in design and implementation.
The program has been developed by highly experienced professionals to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary capabilities to establish and manage quality, environment, safety and health systems. It also aims at contributing to business strategic finance, HHRR, social, natural and reputation objectives.


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Language: English


MODULE I Quality Management. Quality Assurance  

  • Unit 1:Quality Principles
  • Unit 2: Quality Management System
  • Unit 3: Quality-Related Activities
  • Unit 4: Quality Monitoring and Measurement

MODULE II Quality Control in Project Design and Implementation

  • Unit 1: Risks, the Planning Process, and Introduction to Quality Planning in Construction Projects
  • Unit 2: Detailed Quality Planning and its Application During Project Implementation
  • Unit 3: Part I: Building and Urban Development Quality and Water Treatment
  • Unit 4: Quality Control in Construction Works

MODULE III Environmental Management in Construction Projects

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Environmental Management Systems in Construction Projects
  • Unit 2: Government and Environmental Management Planning in Construction Projects
  • Unit 3: Support and Operational Processes in Environmental Management Systems
  • Unit 4: Performance Evaluation and Improvement of Environmental Management Systems. External Certification

MODULE IV Environmental Control at a Construction Site

  • Unit 1: Environmental Management Basics in Construction Projects
  • Unit 2: Environmental Impact Preventive Measures in Construction Projects I (Various)
  • Unit 3: Environmental Impact Preventive Measures in Construction Projects II (Water and Soil)
  • Unit 4: Waste Management

MODULE V Health and Safety Control at a Construction Site 

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Labor Risk Prevention: Safety at Work I
  • Unit 2: Safety at Work II
  • Unit 3: Safety at Work III. Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Psycho-Sociology
  • Unit 4: Labor Risk Prevention Management

MODULE VI Health and Safety Management 

  • Unit 1: ISO 45001 – Basic Concepts 
  • Unit 2: Planning and Communication
  • Unit 3: Operational Control
  • Unit 4: Continual Improvement

MODULE VII Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management Systems. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Construction Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • Unit 2: Government and planning of an Integrated Management System in construction
  • Unit 3: Risks, Objectives, and Support Processes. Operational Planning
  • Unit 4: Performance assessment and improvement in a iMS

MODULE VIII Sustainable Construction

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Sustainable Construction
  • Unit 2: Environmental Certification of Buildings
  • Unit 3: Other Building and Civil Works Certifications
  • Unit 4: Environmental Certification Infraestructures. Envision

MODULE IX Business Social Responsibility   

  • Unit 1: RSE (Business Social Responsibility) / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). A New Business Management Approach
  • Unit 2: CSR Interest Groups and Dimensions – Part 1
  • Unit 3: CSR Dimensions – Part 2
  • Unit 4: Management and Communication Tools

MODULE X Master's Final Project (MFP) 


The program is subject to possible content updates and upgrades


Sonia Moreno. Agricultural engineer from Madrid Polytechnical University (UPM); PDD (Project Planning and Design) from Industrial Organization Institute (EOI);  Master’s degree on engineering and Environmental Management from Industrial Organization Institute (EOI); Trainer of Trainers (ToT) Master’s degree from Barcelona Autonomous University (UAB); customer Service Expert from Spa Nish quality Association (AEC). Sonia Moreno is currently Partner Manager at the firm Huella Responsable, as well as a Corporate social Responsibility, Environment and Quality consultant. She started her professional experience at the OHL Group in the areas of quality and environmental management and construction project control for 18 years, 


Gonzalo Oliveros García is a forest engineer with experience in environmental management in the construction sector. During the past 10 years, Gonzalo has been working with nuclear energy quality assurance as Chief Auditor in charge of auditing critical suppliers for nuclear plant security. He continues to hold this position, which provides him with a continuous learning experience. Besides his qualifications in the area of quality, he is also a member of the Codes and Standards Committee at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) with active participation in the improvement of quality standards at nuclear facilities NQA-1.


Juan José Rosado holds a bachelor degree on Biology with a specialty in Biochemistry from Madrid Autonomous university (UAM); He aslo holds and expert diploma on Engineering and Environmental Management from the Industrial Organization Institute (EOI), as well as Specialist diploma on Territorial Planning and Environment from Valencia Autonomous University (UPV). Juan José Rosado has over 30 years of experience in environmental management in the construction sector, as well as an environment lecturer in different Spanish universities. He has also been working as the Environmental Service Manager at one of the main construction companies in Spain with significant international projection since 2000. 


Alfonso Cortés Pérez holds as PhD on  Construction Advanced Techniques from European University; a Master’s degree on Civil Engineering Advanced Experimental Techniques  from Madrid Polytechnical University (UPM); a Master’s degree on Labor Risk Prevention from  Universidad San Pablo-CEU University; Civil engineering from   Extremadura University. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the engineering and construction sector and extensive teaching experience in the field of labor risk prevention in different public and private universities. He is currently a faculty member at the Isabel I University for Labor Risk Prevention the Master's Degree. 

Alfonso is the founder and director of AC2 Systems Consultancy, specialized in the design and implementation of occupational hazards prevention management models according to the ISO 45001; and of AC2 Innovation, which is specialized in research and technological innovation of BIM Methodology applied to engineering and construction processes.


Manuel Macías Miranda holds a PhD in Physics; a professor at the Technical Architecture School from the Madrid Autonomous University (UAM); member of the Building Energy Certification Advisory Committee from the Ministry of Industry; Innovation and technology Development Director at GBCe LEED RT group (VERDE Building Council Spain); Technical Director at iiSBE (International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment); and President of  IBPSA (International Building Performance Simulation Association) in Spain. 

Manuel is a founding member of GBCe and developer of the VERDE building sustainability assessment tool. He is also a member of the CTN 198 and CEN-TC350 Standardization Committees on sustainable construction and ISO / TC 59 / SC 17 that has developed the sustainability standard package for construction projects. He is also a member of the Spanish Energy Certification Advisory Committee from the Ministry of Industry. 


Ana García is a Master Arquitect from Madrid Polytechnical University (UPM) and Munich Technical University. Ana works as professor at the Ports, Canals and Roads Technical Engineering School from Madrid Polytechnical University (UPM). She is a member of LEED International Round table and has contributed to the LEED’s development in Europe. She also has experience as a Sustainability consultant for certification management of several LEED and VERDE buildings, as well as for different BREEAM certifications. Ana has worked as coordinator of the technical group at the   VI  Passivhaus Spanish Conference, and has collaborated with the technology innovation and development group GBCe in the development of de GBCe’s materials platform. She is also a member of the scientific committee at MAT-COAM. In 2016, she creates Architectural VERDE Method, which contributes to the Incorporation of sustainable practices in the construction sector through consultancy and training.  

Ana has worked in Madrid, Germany and Paraguay, and has more than 15 years of experience in different fields of architecture, from project proposal writing, to the implementation of sustainable construction practices, passive architecture, energy efficiency, NEZB, efficiency in the use of water and energy certification. she is strongly committed with sustainability awareness, has collaborated with associations such as VERDE Building Council Spain, Passivhaus Building Platform, COAM, Sustainability and Architecture Association.


Sonia Gómez holds an MBA degree from Madrid Autonomous University (UAM); a Master’s degree on Marketing Management and a graduate degree on Online Marketing and Digital Strategy from the Business School and Higher Education Center (ESIC); CSR Expert University diploma  from National Distance Education University (UNED). Sonia is a marketing and communication professional with more than 18 years of experience in renewable energies and the industrial sector, and with NGOs in the areas of marketing and communication. She currently works as a consultant for Social Responsibility, Communication and Marketing in projects with social and / or environmental involvement and is a managing partner of the firm Huella Responsable, specialized in corporate social responsibility, environment, and quality services 

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