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Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Model Management and Implementation

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Why Pursue a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Model Management and Implementation?

This Master’s degree has been conceived to respond to the growing need for knowledge and skills in the development of AI models and algorithms demanded by today’s technology-driven market.  

As a matter of fact, many specialized staffing companies point to AI as one of the knowledge assets that will be the most demanded in the coming years, considering that the AI sector is expected to have a global business volume of 16 trillion dollars by 2030.  

This program has been designed to benefit all professional profiles, with an Introduction to AI basics that does not require extensive prior knowledge of programming and statistics. It has been structured in two large sections: first, a technical section which explores the main Machine Learning and Deep Learning models and algorithms, and the second section addresses its business applications and implications.   

Upon completion of the program, the students will have the necessary skills to manage and promote AI projects.  


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Language: English


MODULE I Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Unit 1: Introduction to AI
  • Unit 2: Brief History of AI: From Myth to Reality
  • Unit 3: Key Concepts, Agents, and Knowledge Representation
  • Unit 4: Problem Solving: Automated Reasoning and Search
  • Unit 5: Automated Learning:  Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning I
  • Unit 6: Automated Learning:  Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning II
  • Unit 7: Big Data: Learning with Million Data
  • Unit 8: Human-Machine Interaction: Artificial Vision and Natural Language Processing
  • Unit 9: The Future of AI: Ethical Issues and Diversity

MODULE II Self-service Excel, Talend and Trifacta Data

  • Unit 1: Data preparation
  • Unit 2: Excel
  • Unit 3: Talend Data Preparation
  • Unit 4: Trifacta Wrangler

MODULO III Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning 

  • Unit 1: Supervised Learning (I)
  • Unit 2: Supervised Learning (II)
  • Unit 3: Unsupervised Learning
  • Unit 4: Deep Learning

MODULE IV Advanced Deep Learning

  • Unit 1: Supervised Deep Learning (I)
  • Unit 2: Supervised Deep Learning (II) 
  • Unit 3: Unsupervised Deep Learning (I)
  • Unit 4: Unsupervised Deep Learning (II)

MODULE V Data Visualization Tools  

  • Unit 1: Working with Data in BI Desktop
  • Unit 2: DAX in Power BI Desktop
  • Unit 3: Advanced Power BI Reporting
  • Unit 4: Interactions with other tools in Microsoft Ecosystem

MODULE VI Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science Practical Applications 

  • Unit 1: Machine Learning
  • Unit 2: Deep Learning
  • Unit 3: Data Science
  • Unit 4: Case study application

MODULE VII Technology Ecosystems

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Technology Ecosystems
  • Unit 2: Enabling Technologies I
  • Unit 3: Enabling Technologies II
  • Unit 4: Enabling Technologies III

MODULE VIII Ideation Methodologies and Techniques and AI Project Management  

  • Unit 1. Introduction
  • Unit 2. Design Thinking
  • Unit 3. Lean start-up and Scrum
  • Unit 4. Application to AI projects

MODULE IX The Impact of AI on Business 

  • Unit 1: Unit 1. AI applied to different sectors
  • Unit 2. AI applied to different business areas
  • Unit 3. AI and entrepreneurship
  • Unit 4. Ethics. Business and society

MODULE X Master’s Final Project (MFP)


The program is subject to possible content updates and upgrades


Nicolás Fernandez López. Regarding his professional background, Nicolás is a Telecommunications Senior Engineer from Universidad of Sevilla (US) and holds an International MBA from IE Business School. Additionally, he is a certified Design Thinking Workshop Facilitator and an AI expert from MBIT. 

Nicolás Fernandez has been working in the field of technology, innovation, customer experience and organizational transformation for more than 14 years with significant international experience.  Nicolas is currently in charge of managing and improving customer service in organizations at Servitelco. He is also a founding partner of CEXIA, a start-up that helps companies understand and apply Artificial Intelligence to their business models. Likewise, he collaborates with training schools and innovation consultancies as a facilitator of agile methodologies and AI workshops.

Throughout his professional experience in prestigious organizations such as DGT, Metro de Madrid, BBVA, ThyssenKrupp, PwC, ArcelorMittal, EDP or Ericsson, Nicolás has learned that one of the greatest challenges of many companies today have to do with adapting to the new ways of doing business that require changing from traditional to more agile organizations that are closer to customers, and eager to innovate.  This realization has led Nicolas to specialize in Innovation, New Technologies, and Customer Experience in order to facilitate the transformation process for many struggling companies. 

Finally, Nicolas has worked in more than 20 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. 


Nerea Luis is a Computer and Information Systems Engineer with a PhD in AI. She is currently a member of the AI team at Singular. In 2013, Nerea co-founded T3chFest, a technological information-sharing free event that hosted more than 2000 people. In 2016, she was awarded with the prize “Women Techmakers Scholarship” by Google in the Europe, Middle East and Africa category. She was also granted a scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Conference in the United States, and that was how she fully bonded with the movement ‘Women in Tech’. Since then, Nerea actively participates in different events promoting AI and technological diversity.

In January 2018, she joined the COTEC Foundation as an expert in Technology, Talent and Gender, which has served to spread their initiatives, ideas and knowledge in forums with audiences from different sectors. That same year, Nerea also joined Science in Parliament, where she has been able to speak in Congresses on Emerging Technologies in Transport and Communications. In 2019, she was awarded the medal of civil merit by the Royal House. She was recently chosen among the Top 100 leading women in Spain.


Nerea Sevilla Business Intelligence, Big Data & Advanced Analytics. Nerea started her professional experience as an expert in Data Science as a value and business knowledge generator. She is currently the Head of Business Intelligence and BigData Projects in Lanbide, Basque Employment Service of the Basque Country Government/ Eusko Jaularitza (Spain).  She has also led Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics projects, thus contributing to the creation of data infrastructures (datawarehouse, data marts, ods and data-lakes) to manage corporate data life cycles. Nerea has also worked in corporate information governance, and led advanced analytics projects aimed at increasing process and service quality management.  


Alberto Barbado González is a data scientist at the Luca Big Data unit in Telefónica. His work includes leading advanced analytics and AI proposals within some of the Big Data software products developed at the Unit (Luca Comms and Luca Fleet). Along with this, he conducts research in ​​Trusted AI, mainly in explainable AI (XAI), which is the base for his PhD research. Alberto holds an Industrial Engineering degree, with a specialty in automation and electronics from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM); a Master’s degree in Data Science from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), and another one in  advanced AI from the National Distance University (UNED). He has conducted different research studies in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and recommender systems.    


María Aurora Otero  is a Computer System Engineer specialized in Big Data and Business Intelligence, with over 10 years of experience as a consultant in information systems and technological development.  For the past few years, she has participated in BI and Bid Data projects based on Microsoft technology for different clients such as Telefónica, Real Madrid, Santillana, El País, Diputación de Vizcaya (Provincial Council of Viscaya) and the Navarra Provincial Government. She is currently working as a Senior Data & Analytics Engineer in Santillana, where she leads advanced analytical applications at different online education platforms, as well as marketing campaigns in Latin America. 


Sergio Segovia González. PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Madrid Autonomous University (UAM), more specifically from its Polytechnical Institute. Industrial Engineering specialized in electronics, industrial robotics among others, from University of Valladolid. Professional experience: Industrial Department Project Director – Automatization (Engie España SL) and Responsible for electromechanics in nuclear research and innovation projects (Tecnatom SA). Current position: Project Director – Technological development, robotics and AI for the nuclear sector (ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas/Advanced industries, S.A, S.M.E.).


Pedro Prieto is a lawyer and with a master’s degree in stock market. He has played different roles in multinational companies such as Microsoft, Morningstar or Telefónica, and in 2013 he founded his own company that has improved e-commerce shopping experience by segmenting its database and generating new qualitative information. Pedro is currently a lecturer of entrepreneurship in different business schools and is business AI expert.  


Carlos Villa is an Industrial Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in different sectors mainly focused on efficiency, process improvement and cultural transformation.  

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