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Master's Degree in Agile Methodologies and Digital Transformation

Universidad Isabel I Master´s Degree

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Starting on 2022-11-22
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Universidad Isabel I

Why Pursue a Master's Degree in Agile Methodologies and Digital Transformation?

Pursuing this Master’s degree will provide students with knowledge and skills for effective and efficient management in today’s context of digital transformation. This program explores the characteristics and differences between agile and traditional management methodologies, and the advantages of the agile approach in changing scenarios. In addition, agile methodologies such as Design Thinking, and Lean will be deeply analyzed and how technological innovations apply agile principles. This program will enable the student to build solid practices, techniques, and tools they can apply in day-to-day problems in which managing change, service, projects and teams is critical for success.     

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Language: English


MODULE I Why Agile? Agile vs Classic Management Approach. Agile Methodologies

  • Unit 1: Why Agile?. Agile vs Classic Management Approach
  • Unit 2: Main Features of The Agile Approach
  • Unit 3: Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Xp, and Others
  • Unit 4: Agile Methodologies: Kanban

MODULE II Launching and Global Planning of Agile Projects

  • Unit 1: Project Vision
  • Unit 2: Agile Scope Management
  • Unit 3: Agile Estimation
  • Unit 4: Planning with Uncertainty

MODULE III Iterative and Incremental Implementation and Delivery

  • Unit 1: Definition of the Agile Project
  • Unit 2: Short Term Planning
  • Unit 3: Monitoring and Reporting
  • Unit 4: Release and Information Radiators

MODULE IV Agile Service Management

  • Unit 1: Service Management Dimensions
  • Unit 2: Service Management Agile Principles
  • Unit 3: Service Value
  • Unit 4: Service Management Agile Practices

MODULE V Design Thinking

  • Unit 1: Why Did Design Thinking Appear?
  • Unit 2: Design Thinking Process
  • Unit 3: How Does Google Do It? A Deeper Understanding
  • Unit 4: Other Agile Tools 

MODULE VI Classic Management Framework; Agility for Innovation

  • Unit 1: Classic Management Framework
  • Unit 2: Project Manager and the Stakeholders
  • Unit 3: Agility and Innovation 
  • Unit 4: Innovation, Acceleration and Agility

MODULE VII Other Agile Approaches; Escalation and Tools

  • Unit 1: Last Planner 
  • Unit 2: Digital Tools
  • Unit 3: Advanced Practices
  • Unit 4: Agile Escalation

MODULE VIII Lean Management

  • Unit 1: Fundamentals of Lean Management
  • Unit 2: Leadership and Team Management in a Lean Context
  • Unit 3: Lean Management Techniques
  • Unit 4: Lean Applications and Conclusions

MODULE IX The Agile Approach and Digital Transformation

  • Unit 1: The Management Approach and Digital Transformation
  • Unit 2: Agile Data. Data Driven Companies
  • Unit 3: Agile Digitalization
  • Unit 4: Soft Skills Needed for Agilism and Digital Transformation

MODULE X Master’s Final Project (MFP)


The program is subject to possible content updates and upgrades


Miguel Ángel Vera Mellado Double Engineering, ACP, PMP, MBA and ITIL Expert certifications.

Miguel Ángel is an experienced project management and multidisciplinary team coordination professional with strong qualifications for objective-oriented management.

He has over 10 years of training experience in different business and technical schools, as well as in public agencies through face-to-face and online teaching methodologies.

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