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Master’s Degree in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies

Universidad Isabel I Master´s Degree

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Starting on 2022-11-22
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Why Pursue a Master’s Degree in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies?

Energy models are changing, and the emerging initiatives are settling upon the pillars of energy efficiency and renewable energies. Therefore, this Master’s program has been designed to integrate the main aspects of energy efficiency and the incorporation of renewable energies in engineering projects such as buildings and installations for fossil source replacement, or electric energy production and its direct injection into the net. The program has been subdivided into 2 major sections:

The first section includes the key energy efficiency and renewable energy aspects as applied in construction and industry. 

The second section includes a technical-economic analysis of the main renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal energy or biomass. 

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Language: English


MODULE I Building Energy Management

  • Unit 1 The Energy Context
  • Unit 2 New Constructions. The Spanish Technical Construction Code (CTE) and the Energy Efficiency Certification (CEE)
  • Unit 3 Existing Buildings
  • Unit 4. Energy Efficiency Certification for Existing Buildings

MODULE II Building Energy Systems: HVAC and ACS

  • Unit 1 HVAC System with Conventional Equipment
  • Unit 2 Aerothermal and Geothermal Systems
  • Unit 3 Ventilation Systems
  • Unit 4 DHW

MODULE III Building Energy Systems: Lighting, and BMS

  • Unit 1 Lighting Systems
  • Unit 2 Control and Management Systems 1
  • Unit 3 Control and Management Systems 2
  • Unit 4 Energy Management and Markets

MODULE IV Integration of Renewable Energy in Buildings

  • Unit 1 Solar Thermal Energy
  • Unit 2 Photovoltaics
  • Unit 3 Small Wind Turbine Energy
  • Unit 4 Biomass Energy

MODULE V Energy Efficiency in the Industry Sector

  • Unit 1. Current Energy Situation
  • Unit 2. The Energy Manager
  • Unit 3. The Energy Audit in the Industry Sector
  • Unit 4. Energy Systems in the Industry and Energy Saving Solutions

MODULE VI Solar Energy

  • Unit 1. Solar Energy
  • Unit 2: The Photovoltaic Cell
  • Unit 3: The Photovoltaic Module
  • Unit 4: The Photovoltaic System


  • Unit 1. Biomass
  • Unit 2. Biogas
  • Unit 3. Biofuels
  • Unit 4. Biomass combustion


  • Unit 1. Introduction. Smart city concept
  • Unit 2. Sustainable mobility
  • Unit 3. Renewable distributed generation
  • Unit 4. Smart grids


  • Unit 1: Physical and meteorological concepts
  • Unit 2: Wind Turbine Technology and Wind Data Analysis
  • Unit 3: Micrositing Study Through an Electric Power Production Computational Model
  • Unit 4: Wind farm Design 

MODULE X Master's Final Project (MFP)


The program is subject to possible content updates and upgrades


Manuel Macías Miranda, Doctor in Physical Science. Associate Professor in the High Technical School of Architecture of UPM (Technical University of Madrid); member of the Advisory Committee for Building Energy Certification (Ministry of Development/Ministry of Industry); Director of the Research Team for Resource Treatment and Sustainable Management (TGSR) at UPM; Director of the Group R+D and Head of the LEED RT Group of Green Building Council Spain (GBCe); Technical Director of International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE); and President of the Spanish branch of the International Building Performance Simulation Association known as IBPSA-Spain. Former Director of the Institute of Renewable Energies at the Energy, Environmental and Technological Research Centre (CIEMAT) and former Director of the Energy Saving Department at ASINEL-UNESA.


José Antonio La Cal is an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), Executive MBA from the Commercial engineering School (ESIC) and Doctor by the University of Jaén where he works as an Associate Professor in the Master’s degree in Renewable Energies, in addition to being an Accredited Professor at the Industrial Organization School (EOI) for the energy and renewable energies areas. He also teaches in the Master’s degree in Distributed Renewable Energies at the University of Córdoba and the Master’s in Renewable Energies at the universities of El Valle in Guatemala and PUCMM in the Dominican Republic. Jose Antonio is the former Head of Department of Renewable Energies at the Energy Management Agency (AGECAM) in Castilla-La Mancha and the Director of the Energy Management Agency in the Province of Jaén (AGENER). Currently, he is Founding Partner of BIOLIZA, a company specialized in the development of wastes and by-product energy valorization.


Manuel Berrios has a degree in Environmental Science and a Master's degree in Job Safety Analysis from the University of Jaén and; a Master’s degree in Sustainable Strategies in Business Management from the Andalusia Enterprise Institute (IEAN). Manuel also is Chief Energy Auditor in Construction from the Spanish Quality Association (AEC) and Lead Auditor in Energy Management Systems (ISO 50.001).He has been working in the energy sector for the last 10 years, and participated in several projects in industries and buildings. Manuel has also worked as consultant in Quality Management, Environmental and Energy Efficiency Systems. Presently, Manuel is responsible for energy efficiency and consultant in standardization and environment at Cinde, a very reputable consulting firm at national scale, which offers solutions in terms of environment, food safety and ISO standard certifications to organizations currently developing technological projects.


Consuelo Alonso is an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) with 25 years of experience in the wind energy sector. She has worked as an engineer and director of wind energy and photovoltaic projects. Consuelo is currently working as a manager in the area of engineering and construction in renewable energy projects at Naturgy.
Consuelo has been working as a professor of Wind Energy and Photovoltaics at the European University for 10 years, where she was the Academic Director of the Master’s degree in Renewable Energies for more than 8 years, and where she currently works as a Professor on Wind Energy and Energy Context. She has collaborated on the drafting of three collective books about wind energy (La Energía Eólica, Con el Viento a Favor and Dominando el Viento).

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